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Gray Memorial UMC Since 1965

Our mission is to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus Christ to a world we know is in need of his love.

Our Vision

To be known as true disciples of Jesus Christ and to honor the founder of our movement, John Wesley, by recognizing that everything necessary for our salvation is found in scripture.

We do this by being Biblically faithful, accountable to Christ, accountable to each other for our witness, and to share the availability of God’s saving grace with all persons.

A Short History

Gray Memorial UMC was founded in late 1965 by a small group of faithful from Trinity UMC in downtown Tallahassee who wanted to provide a location for Christians to meet in north west Tallahassee. Gray Memorial is named for the Rev. William J. Gray, an itinerant “circuit rider” who established the most Methodist churches in North Florida in the late-1800’s.

The first building on the property was completed and occupied in 1966. We have always been a community church, focused on individual discipleship, traditional Christian values as revealed in Scripture, and outreach to our local community.

We recently finished an update of the interior of our church to bring it into the 21st century as God is leading us to be a center of Christian revival in our local community.

2020 Pandemic

In 2020 the pandemic dramatically affected our in-person worship and gathering opportunities. Like most churches, we offered our worship services online.

Unlike most churches, however, we have been offering our full worship service online for over two years. We have an online service available for viewing on Facebook and on this website.

We also resumed in-person worship with physical distancing in March 2021. We have begun having in person gatherings such as Bible study on Thursday mornings at 10 am.  A Wednesday night Bible study at 7 pm is offered to anyone via Zoom. Please contact the church office for details on those events.